custom art, design and illustration 

made just for you, here in Melbourne


want a custom painting for your home?

Gifts for your home and office.

Customise the order to make it exactly how you want it. 


need a gift for a little one or a baby?

Looking for a special, custom gift to welcome a little one?

Find a range of gifts to personalise here, and if you simply can't decide, how about a gift voucher?


need A custom painting of your pet?

I will work with you to create a custom pet portrait painting.

Its easy to start; I just need a few photos and a description of your pet!


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Anthea Corby

Illustrator, Designer and Artist.


Anthea Corby is Melbourne based Artist who has graduated from Monash University with a Bachelor of Fine Art, as well as Swinburne University with a Bachelor of Graphic Design. Anthea’s passion and enthusiasm for all things creative will excite you, and motivate you to bring joy to your life. 

Her talents, combined with experience in tutoring and teaching art one on one, her workshops are an informative and helpful learning experience, sure to equip you with all of the necessary skills to start or advance your hobby. Her gentle, patient and warm nature makes it a pleasurable and relaxed environment for everyone involved, making it a fantastic place for nervous beginners and seasoned artists looking to touch up their skills alike. 

Anthea has since launched a new element to her business called ‘My Life Plan’. It is a totally immersive shopping experience, where you are able to customise and design your own planner - from the cover to the contents. The concept behind this new business is warming and inspirational. 

“I have generalised anxiety disorder, and I have always used planning as a way to stay organised and help me feel in control of what’s happening. I started this company to help busy people stay in control of their lives, and be inspired to live a balanced, healthy life”.